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Planted 1955-1960. Collected 2007 and in training since. Hybridized by BY Morrison in the late 1920s, and widely planted throughout the National Arboretum. His program lasted 25 years, and resulted in 454 new azalea cultivars.

Started off in early 2014 as an arrow-straight 40 inch "whip". Through extreme bending techniques it has become a 15" x 15" cascade style. More refinement and a different pot planned.

With member for four years

The story h was told is that this came from a cutting from a tree at the National Bonsai Museum grafted to roots at the Pacific Bonsai Museum but he has no way to confirm that.

Rode in the back seat of hiscar from Seattle with two dogs and a dozen other trees.

Time in training - 8 years
Comments:  Dug from a house site in the path of a road widening project
on 26Aug2012.  Planted in the ground in my bonsai area and left to
recover for three years.  Then moved to a oversize bonsai pot in 2015. 
All while continuing to work the top down and regrow. In the photo of it
blooming, taken 30Apr2020 there is a standard soda can to the right of
the container to give a size reference.

When I dug I out of my bonsai garden to put in the first pot I consulted
frequently with Harold Johnson about the development of the tree.  I
have continued to do so since then. I owe him a debit of gratitude for
his suggestions and guidance.

This Kurume azalea is planted in an interesting Sonny Boggs “melted” pot. It is about 5 inches tall with the pot

This Kurume Azalea cascade started out as an air layer of the top of a bigger tree. It has been in trading for about 10 years

With the pot it is 7 inches tall.

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