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The Kusamono Workshop with Young Choe is now full. If you would like to be added to the waiting list, please send an email to trianglebonsaisocietyboard@gmail.com.

Workshop Date:  Saturday, August 7th
Workshop Time:  9am-1pm
Workshop Location:  Atlantic Garden Company, 5217 Atlantic Ave, Raleigh, NC 27616
Price:  $60, includes instruction, soil, plant material but NOT the container

TBS is very excited to offer a workshop for 12 participants with Young at Atlantic Garden Co in Raleigh.  The workshop includes plants, soil, and instruction/inspiration.  We do ask that you bring your own tools (chopstick and scissors) and pottery.  Young had this to say about pottery for kusamono, "The size of pot would be 6-8 inch diameter.  It could be round, rectangle, square, or free style.  Height could be 1-3" ….. glazed or unglazed. I like something simple and earthy.  I really want participants to create something their own way."  Visit KusamonoChoe.com and her blog post for Bonsai Mirai for inspiration.  Our talented TBS potters will have kusamono pots available on our July 18th meeting!

If you've ever had questions about starting a kusamono or taking kusamono to the next level, Young Choe is the artist/horticulturalist to ask.  She enjoys finding plants for kusamono from nurseries and collecting her own from the wild.  Learn about soil for kusamono, how to use moss, seasonality, care, and expressing ideas through kusamono.   Learn hands on with us on Aug 7th.